The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: The Musical

07 Jul 2011 -- 09 Jul 2011

When you are growing up every day has a new tale to tell and nobody knows that better than the young members of the Congress Junior Theatre.

Many stories have stood the test of time, but few could be more perfect for this young company than the good old-fashioned musical adaptation of Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer".

Join Tom Sawyer on his adventures as he play tricks on his Aunt Polly and brother Sid, falls in love with the beautiful Becky and tries to escape from the evil Injun Joe; all with best friend Huckleberry Finn by his side.

The Congress Junior Theatre would like you to come with us on our exciting journey and see for yourself how "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" brings to life the American literature classic and merges it with musical theatre enthused with the sounds of the South - the likes of which Cwmbran has never seen.

No matter if you are young, old or somewhere in between "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" is a fun-filled FAMILY musical with something for everyone. This is one adventure not to be missed!

"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" will be on in the Congress Theatre, Cwmbran.


Tom Sawyer